Hypochristmutreefuzz is one of the most daring bands from Ghent, Belgium. This five-headed group formed around singer Ramses Van den Eede has built an immense live-reputation in no time thanks to their powerful grooves, tamed chaos and irresistible hooks. Their most notable passages, amongst others, were Pukkelpop and Leffingeleuren. They recorded their debut album Hypopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (2017) with Jasper Maekelberg (Faces On TV, Warhaus). This release did not go unnoticed, the record doesn’t sound as what you would expect from a sensational live band. In a music productional way they managed to stamp their own mark on the Belgian louder scene, which resulted in excellent national and international reviews.


Belgium: Ampersand Music - bjorn@ampersandmusic.be


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